Hello, I'm Rachel Hardacre.

Photo from NWU Pilot Magazine

Photo from NWU Pilot Magazine

Making is a huge part of my life– I make to think through a problem, I make to learn and I make to unwind. For the past few years, I have been dreaming of starting a creative outlet for the making I love most – gardening, knitting, and cooking. I see each of these interests as intertwined, with so much of what I create being inspired by nature, both cultivated and wild. Through Acre, I want to reframe the making I do to use every bit of what I grow and forage to make, cook or preserve. This is a lofty goal, and I hope to use Acre as a space to share how I learn and navigate this idea of making. I am not an expert by any means, and I am so excited to learn and try, sharing my process, patterns, recipes and general ideas here on the Acre.

Why Acre?

I grew up with 5 acres of woods as my playground. I spent many Saturdays in the backyard woods with my brother, building forts and bed sheet hammocks, collecting acorns, mushrooms and gooseberries for ‘the long winter storage’ ( I was really into Little House of the Prairie) and making pots out of clay we found. The woods still holds so much mystery and excitement for me, and I want to continue to learn and explore what could be found, celebrated and made from what I find there.


I live outside of Saint Paul, Minnesota in the burbs on a quarter acre of land. In the few years we have been there, my husband and I have built 3 garden beds, which have been a huge highlight in our time here. Gardening prior to this home was at our church’s community garden, where as a newbie gardener I learned a lot of things by observing other amazing gardeners and from my own gardening successes and failures. I  am still learning, and have often said to my husband “gardening is war” when the height of summer pests takes there toll. I want to more actively share my own approach to gardening to inspire other gardeners and improve as a gardener each growing season.

So, here goes nothing. I am excited to begin sharing out what happens this coming year on the Acre.


In memory of my little brother Troy whose bold creativity and incredible talent continues to inspire me to take steps and risks creatively. I miss running through the woods with you. A huge thank you to friends and family who encouraged me that this creative endeavor is worth pursuing. Thank you Lucy Hawthorn for taking photos of me in my garden.