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Favorite Gardening Tools

Favorite Gardening Tools

In addition to sharing some gardening tips, I wanted to share some of my favorite gardening tools. 

Haws Watering Can

The Haws watering can is absolutely superb. I am never going back to any other watering can ever! The head of the watering can is like a rainfall, evenly distributing water gently over your plants, not compressing the dirt or pressing the leaves to the ground. The large head also allows you to get large areas finished quickly. It also have this second handled through the middle, that makes it perfectly balanced and easy to carry large amounts of water. I never feel like I am hauling water across the yard - it is so great!

Rain Barrel

I would highly recommend investing in a rain barrel. It is a great way to conserve your water use, and feed your plants with rain water throughout the year. Within the first two to three storms, this was full! Before getting a rain barrel, make sure and do some research on what kind of roof you have, as some roofing materials can drain off harmful materials that are bad for plants. Never ever drink rain water - just for your plants:)


Barebones Spade

Love this tool! The Barebones spade feels really balanced when you are holding it and the wood handle is perfectly shaped to fit your hand. I often use this trowel over any other tool to turn over dirt, dig plat holes, or move transplants. Seriously worth the investment!


Barebones Scissors

I was recently gifted this pair of Barebones scissors from my mom, and I love them! They are more sturdy and easier to grip that standard bonsai scissors, and can trim larger  stems and leaves, like rhubarb or kale.

Bonsai Scissors

So, I am obsessed with bonsai scissors. I have a pair in the kitchen, in my office, and outside. I use these for trimming smaller things, liker herbs, micro greens, or the weaker of two starter plants. I actually found a 3 pack on Amazon that work amazing! they are super sharp, and look vintage. And their $7. Add to cart now.

A Harvest Basket

Aside from being a great prop for all those ‘look what I harvested’ Instagram posts, having a basket is a great thing to use in the garden. I use mine to carry all my supplies out and around in the early spring (Especially my coffee thermos and my water bottle) and then fill it with produce in the summer.  I also take it to the farmer’s market and it works perfect to land up on local produce. My basket was a vintage find from my parents, so hit up your local antique stores and see what they have.

I also purchased this gardener's wash basket this year, to allow me to harvest vegetables and wash them with a hose right there in the back yard! Excited to try this one out this year.

Happy gardening!

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